Imagine Spock and Kirk are both too shy, too afraid to ruin things to make the first step, until Bones has enough of watching them let it go to waste and sets them up for a date, and is only a little surprised when they come late to their shift next morning, but both happy and all rainbows and unicorns.

imagine bones’ version of a ‘date’ being to lock them both in the conference room until they finally kiss

Imagine Scotty walking in on a McSpirk make-out session.



imagine scotty, instead of leaving like a normal person would do, actually begins to give them ‘tips’ on how to do it better

Aye … if ye’d ask me, I’d say ye would get better leverage if Jim would raise his knees.

Picture FemJim grinding on Spock's face as he eats her out, moaning long and loud and shrill. Now imagine FemBones bouncing on Spock's dick in time with each of FemJim's violent thrusts. See Spock's face of total bliss as he pulls back for a breath

(cont) Of air. His eyelashes are sticking together and there’s juices dribbling from his mouth which are quickly cleaned up with a flick if his green tongue. Spock goes right back into ravaging FemJim and bucking his hips to meet every one off FemBones’ Falls. Now please, please, please continue this. This ship is underrated.

imagine jim falling forward and her and bones clasp hands together over spock

imagine jim and bones making out as spock gets ravaged underneath them and their moans fill the room

Imagine Scotty walking in on a McSpirk make-out session.

imagine scotty, instead of leaving like a normal person would do, actually begins to give them ‘tips’ on how to do it better

Imagine academy mckirk with ace Jim, and then later mcspirk and spock is ace too. And McCoy is like ffs but he loves his aces to pieces and he does everything to please them, and Jim and spock always buy him porn and sex toys, and force him into the middle of their cuddle pile


imagine bones taking a stroll on shore leave holding jim in one hand and spock in the other and just not being able to understand how he got so lucky

I don't know about you but I've always adored the idea of a Train!AU where Kirk is a Train Crewman who does all he can to make sure the grouchy Doctor and stoic Vulcan sit together on board every morning and maybe one day become a thing.


imagine an au where spock/bones/jim are in a hard rock/blues rock band with some tacky name like "space invaders" or "alien neighbor" and they try to pretend that all the love songs they write arent about pining for each other but they totally are


imagine the three of them putting on a show one night in detroit, and somebody screams from the audience ‘PLEASE TAKE EACH OTHER HOME TONIGHT GOOD GOD!!!’ and they finish the rest of the gig with super big blushes

they follow that persons advice tho

imagine bones getting migraines. imagine him having to squint and put a hand over his eyes because of the light. imagine him getting through work and then immediately going to his room to sit in the dark with a blanket over his head because that's the only thing that helps sometimes.


imagine jim sometimes coming into bones’ room ((closing the door super quickly)), with something sweet like strawberries 

imagine jim getting under the blanket with bones, and they eat in total silence, letting the day’s worries wash away

I JUST CAME UP WITH THE GREATEST IDEA EVER. I am so totally going to write you a Halloween fic. i so am. it's going to be an AU but I think you'll like it. You'll have to wait til Halloween, though. Do you have any preferred anythings? ships/etc.?



i like star trek anything BUT if you can put bones in a witch hat id love you forever okay

imagine that the enterprise bridge crew getting forcefully beamed down to a planet, but upon retrun to rhe enterprise there seems to be no apparent change to their bodies/minds. little did they know that the people of the planet somehow made it that whenever one of the bridge crew thinks about somebody they're in love with/have a crush on little hearts will appear in the air around them. and thank GOD bones doesnt have a crush on anybody, right? cos that'd just be embarrasing. EXCEPT one day


((cont)) after patching up spock in sickbay and giving him a hypo-spray to rest hes sitting by his bedside at 14:00 hours just watching the vulcan when suddenly little green hearts start appearing all around him. all boens says (screams) is “damn you, you green blooded hobgoblin!” and quickly tries to pop all the little green hearts but for every heart he pops three more take its place and soon spock wakes up to the doctors exclamations and the sickbay filled with green little bubbles hearts. he silently watches the doctor as he runs around the room, popping all the little hearts. and while watching he finds that his own heart speeds up a little and he feels (how illogically so) as if it, too, might pop. and suddenly little blue hearts, the color of the doctors eyes, start emanating from his body and towards leonard’s own. stunned at what the combination of these hearts in the air mean spock merely stutters a quiet “d-doctor” and watches as the amount of blue hearts quickly match those of green.

imagine jim opening up the doors to the medbay and being practically pushed over by the tidal wave of blue and green hearts that come pouring out

imagine jim finding spock and bones kissing on the medbay table inside

he closes the door with a smile, and leaves them be