Anonymous inquired: Imagine jim sitting in his quarters after shift, late in the ship's evening, with nothing going on, no reports, no plans, just sitting at his desk in front of his terminal and looking at his own hands and wondering what his friends are doing right now and wondering if they think he's been doing a good job. Imagine Jim knowing he could just comm and do something social but for some reason just sitting with his own thoughts. Imagine quiet, contemplative Jim Kirk.

imagine jim getting lost in this trace he puts himself in for hours

and eventually bones or spock will find him and gently shake him or wave a hand in front of his face

and jim will give a little jump and smile

cause as much as he likes to be in his own mind

he likes his friends more

#this is makin me sad for some reason #star trek #mcspirk #anonymous space nerd
Anonymous inquired: So Spock Prime is pretty careful about not telling the AOS kids anything about their potential futures, but Jim always asks him for hints. One time Spock decides to indulge him and gets all serious about it, which leads Jim to believe it's really important. With a completely straight face, Spock simply says, 'Whales,' and then walks away.

imagine when they actually do encounter the whale mission and jim has this big dorky smile on his face the entire time cause this is it this is what hes been waiting for

#lord above im not okay #spirk #star trek #anonymous space nerd
Anonymous inquired: i feel that kirk/scotty would at the same time be super cute and hot. i can totes see them going on double dates with sulu and chekov all the time

imagine sulu and jim laughing together doing really bad impersonations of their boyfriends’ accents

scotty and chekov are trying to stay serious but they keep giggling

#happy things #very happy things #star trek #chulu #whats the ship name for kirk and scotty #jotty #scirk #idk #anonymous space nerd
excessnight inquired: imagine the first time jim and spock have sex, jim is really sweet about it. he just goes very slow. always asks "are you okay" or "i love you". just so that spock knows that jim really cares and stuff. imagine jim just lightly kissing spock and holding his hand and making sure everything felt great for him.

imagine spock feeling completely blown away by the tenderness jim shows

there was nothing logical about this it was all emotional

and spock loved it

#precious babies #spirk #star trek #nsfr #excessnight
Anonymous inquired: william shatner has a legit tumblr. he tweeted about it and everything. omg

imma need some proof anon what u got???

#ill believe it when i see it #what if shatner saw this blog #id prob cry #and set the internet on fire #ana speaks! #anonymous space nerd
Anonymous inquired: Imagine Spock walking into the bridge only to see the crew dancing to songs by the Village People

imagine jim trying to get spock to do the ymca dance with everyone

spock is having none of it

#spock would be all pouty #bones is dancing hella hard in the background #spirk #star trek #anonymous space nerd
Anonymous inquired: ana i was the nonnie birthday imagine and just to let you know that the lapdancing imagine wasn't written alongside it BUT I AM NOT COMPLAINING

gosh diddly darn it sorry about that!!!!!

it worked out well anyway tho thanks for understanding!!!!!

llap dork

#i messed up pbbbthh #ana speaks! #anonymous space nerd
toboldlyhella inquired: What was it that inspired you to start this blog? (i mean besides gay space nerds, not that that isn't reason enough lbr here)



not gonna lie a lot of my inspiration came from textsfromtos, captioningcrusader, and adestroy

when it came to trek they all had super fun ideas and i was so inspired looking through their blogs that i was like


i should do one too

i never expected it to get popular tho im still in shock over that!!!

ask the dorky mod questions???


Ana just said that we helped inspire her to create imagine-jim-bones-and-spock

Which is one of my favorite blogs on this website.

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. (Hello friends, you should all go follow her because that blog is a work of great beauty.)


(Sally would like to add in lots of screeching and flailing.)

so im screwing around stalking textsfromtos and crying over its nerdy radiance like i normally do when i come across tHIS ARE YOU GUYS EVEN REAL THIS TEXTSFROMTOS BLOG IS LIKE A TREKKIE JESUS THREW UP ON A WEBPAGE THATS HOW GLORIOUS IT IS AND YOURE FREAKING OUT WHAT THE HLEL GOODBYE 

christinechapelisabamf inquired: Imagine while on Shore Leave Jim drags Bones and Spock to an old movie theater. Their feet stick to the floor and Jim is about to break his face he is smiling so big and Bones is grumbling because 'dammit Jim there must be spilled soda her from before Khan was born' and Spock is just looking at him like 'this is the most illogical thing you have forced me to do', but Jim doesn't notice because he is to busy watching the commercials for movies that came out centuries ago.

imagine that the movie that happens to be playing is ‘avengers’ and jim holds bones’ hand through the intense parts and cries on spocks shoulder when it gets sad

when the movies over he forces them to stay till the end of the credits ((cause everyones heard the tale about marvel films)) even though bones REALLY has to pee

#awhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh #mcspirk #star trek #christinechapelisabamf
ncc-spones inquired: Cowboy AU where Spock is the Bartender/Owner of this local Saloon, Kirk is his hired worker who is in charge of breaking up brawls/defending the women and Bones is this cowboy that stops by one time and immediately falls for the stoic bartender and strikes up a friendship with the hired worker and ends up coming back there every night thereafter.

imagine that bones’ horse is named ‘enterprise’ and jim practically falls in love with her and is constantly brushing and pampering her for reasons spock and bones dont understand

#bones in a cowboy hat tho hells bells #star trek #spones #star trek au #ncc-spones