imagine everyone on the enterprise treating uhura like everyone on tumblr treats natalie dormer

imagine jim telling spock that “uhura could literally kick me in the shins, spit on my face, and take the captains chair away from me and i’d probably be like ‘okay thank you do you want a footrub your eyes are so pretty’”

the number of people who have reblogged this with tags like ‘what do you mean ‘imagine’???’ or ‘what are you talking about this is actual cannon’ gives me hope for the future

Imagine Spock falling into a bean bag and being unable to get up




imagine that its a super big bean bag so all you can see really is some black hair and two flailing legs

and all you can hear is bones’ laughter


imagine after spock’s pon farr incident everyone gathers in the rec room to gossip and figure out what happened

bones and jim are there and theyre trying to get them to stop but its not working

eventually spock walks in and the whole room hushes

he pulls out his lyre, and sits down to play a song

imagine everyone thinking that he was going to play and sing about heartbreak and woe and chapel pulled out a handkerchief in advance

imagine everyones face when spock, to the best of his ability, starts playing ‘problem’ by ariana grande



imagine spock in a massage chair

Minific? Minific.

Spock sat upright in the vibrating chair-motionless-as he schooled his expression into one of disinterest. Eventually, the crew members who had stuck around expecting a show filed out, leaving the Vulcan alone. 

Spock glanced quickly about the room, finding himself blissfully alone. He closed his eyes and let his body sink into the plush cushions, allowing a soft moan of pleasure to escape his lips.

Ten minutes later, a certain Captain was milling about the ship when he came upon an interesting sight. There, in his favorite massage chair, was a snoozing Vulcan. 

The Captain wasted no time. He snatched the PADD out of his bag, turned it on, and took a selfie with his snoring first officer.

Once his first and foremost duty was complete, Jim stooped down to place a kiss onto Spock’s brow, taking care not to wake the sleeping beauty.

imagine bones taking jim to go fishing and he thinks its gonna be all romantic but instead jim refuses to put the worm on the hook cause its ‘super gross bones!!!’ and ends up falling asleep halfway through and dropping his pole in the water

imagine spock in a massage chair

imagine jim playing pokemon 

Spock Prime spending a lot of time with AOS Jim and Bones and being reminded of His Jim and Bones and thinking of the old Terran song (which he can never remember the name of) that goes like this: "He knows just how to make me laugh when I feel blue. He's everything a man could want, but he's not you. And when we're dancing - It almost feels the same; I've got to stop myself from whispering your name. He even kisses me like you used to do. And it's just breaking my heart 'cause he's not you."


i think you should stop talking how abou t that 


Actual Beach Babes Fem!Spones Part 2 - In which an outing for ice cream becomes an indecent public display feat. Bubblegum ice cream and green blushes

for real now we got some finger kink and lesbian blue shirts i cant handle this anymore i cant do it oh m god

I can totally imagine Kirk being over-tired after a hard mission, dancing in his quarters clad only in his black undergarments. He's blaring AC/DC's "Back In Black" and he's using a toothbrush as a microphone singing "Back in black - I hit the sack! It's been too long, I'm glad to be back! Yes I'm, let loose, from the noose! That's kept me hanging around! I keep looking at the sky, 'cause it's gettin' me high!" and then just crashing into his bed and clocking out. He'd missed his bed so much.

imagine bones coming him afterwords and seeing the toothbrush still in jim’s hand and jim himself asleep on top of the covers

bones’ smile lights up the whole bedroom